A Tale of One’s & Two’s

A Tale of One's & Two's

High winds and rain put pay to many golfers playing last Sunday with only a handful of our ardened members taking on the brutal conditions.

Credit where its due for all those that did venture out as they all completed 18 holes albeit returned to the clubhouse extremely wet and very cold.

One member however will have spent the final few holes oblivious to the conditions by securing every golfers dream a Hole in One on the tough par 3 15th hole.

A member at Cookridge Hall since 2012 Rebecca Young achieved something that millions of golfers may never. What makes this feat even more impressive was Rebecca recorded a birdie 2 on the previous14th hole!

Many say the key to a good round at Cookridge is walking away from these two tough par 3’s in level par. Suffice it to say Rebecca’s 3 shots to play both holes certainly would tidy up any scorecard.

Ironically, when competing the day before, Rebecca also recorded a birdie 2 on the 14th, was this the catalyst that spurred the following days acheivements we wonder?

Well done!!